Wednesday, August 4, 2010

SS501::. Shiny Voices Ringtone Album Lyric

01 트리플 뉴스 특종 / 규종 ( Kyu Jong )
News headlines

Good afternoon, I am the presenter
The center of SS501, Kyu Jong
The first and last news of the day:
It was said that members of SS501 are fighting each other for a girl.
Who is this mysterious girl?
I will tell all, that girl is ...
It 's you!
But that girl likes Jong Kyu,
I more! Hehehe
Now that I've heard everything
I hope you can pick up the phone
Honey, quick, take the phone -

02 해가 중천에 떴거늘-모닝콜벨 / 규종 ( Kyu Jong)

The sun shining on (you), but now!

Wake up already, the sun is shining on you, but now!
What are you doing?
Did not you call me yesterday to wake up?
Honey, OPPA, I do a lot of effort to wake up
If you are not yet awake,
I'm going to annoy!
The most difficult thing in the world is waking up, no?
Now, if you hear the words of OPPA and awake, I will give you a kiss as a gift!
What? Ask me when I´ll give?.
Hmmm ... I understand
Today I feel great
This is fine right?
Quick, wake up!

03 못 들은척 하는거야 / 영생 (Young Saeng )

Does not like to hear?

Hi, I'm of the OPPA SS501, Young Saeng!
A call came, Take it quick -
OPPA already reminded you, yet you act as if you do not hear?
Eyyy ... Too -
Young Saeng OPPA and other oppas of SS501 will always be by your side with this.
Do not forget!
If a call arrives, like this! OPPA always tell you immediately!
Wait! Returning to the topic, When are you gonna take the call?

04 자기얏 어서 일어나자 엉-모닝콜벨 / 영생( Young Saeng )

Baby, Come on, wake up! Hmmm

Wake up! Wake up!
Now every sound you hear is the voice of your OPPA Young Saeng despertándote.
Baby, Come on, wake up!
OPPA do to feel very sad, you're not going to wake up?
You should wake up now!
After 1,2,3 say, you should wake right? ¡1,2,3!
Young Saeng is also rooted OPPA [does nothing] today
Spend a fun -

05 일어나면 뽀뽀해 주지-모닝콜벨 / 정민 ( Jung Min )

If awake, I'll give you a kiss

Who wakes up and said he wanted to hear my voice in the morning?
I OPPA, I'm going to get angry -
[Laughter] Come on wake up!
If you are still not awake, Jung Min will care
Want to make me worry?
If you do not want me to worry, now, open your eyes and wake up for me.
If the baby wakes up now, I'll give you a kiss
-Kiss List
Now you can wake up, right?

06 자기야 오빠 쑥쓰해 / 형준 ( Kim Hyung Joon )
Honey, I OPPA, I am ashamed

Honey, I answer the phone fast ...
Let me help you to answer
All this to make you laugh before you answer
Hyung Joon Solo OPPA can do this, you know?
Now answer
Ah! Certainly! Suddenly, I forgot, I love you -
OPPA Hyung Joon, I am now very, very embarrassed -

07 트리플삼행시-SS501 / 정민 ( Jung Min )
Use the word "triple" to form a sentence
Got a call
Quick answers
If you answer quickly, you can hear my voice
Okay, before you answer the phone, leave Jung Min, I use "Triple" (Ti-li-pe) to form a sentence.
Ti (I had no subtitles)
Li (I had no subtitles)
Pe (I had no subtitles)
Hehe ... I am so ashamed ... you can now pick up the phone, right? Fast

08 오빠는 꽃단장했다-모닝콜벨 / 현중 ( Kim Hyun Joong )
OPPA, and I make up?

Get up! Get up! Honey, wake up and need -
I OPPA, you call and
I OPPA to wake
I woke during the night and I kept on hold until now
I will tell others oppas well if you follow the SS501
Only a few more minutes
If you open your eyes no matter if you forgive
Saranghae (I love you), I love you (I love you) Aishiteru (I love you) kiss
If you do not wake up after that, you do not love me -
Now, wake up already
Thanks -

09 지금필요한게 뭐 / 현중 ( Kim Hyun Joong )
Now do you need?

Now what more do you need? Speed!! --
No, no, no, not that ... relax, relax -
First, let's see who called
If a man and hangs
Hyun Joong jealous OPPA will
Just kidding, just kidding
Hyun Joong OPPA will protect you
In the future, we will be together now, so please answer the phone first -

10 뽀뽀작렬 사랑해-모닝콜벨 / 형준 ( Kim Hyung Joon )
Many kisses, I love you

Wake up! Hurry! Wake up!
Fast-awake princess!
The time-awakening came after 5 minutes, are you awake yet?
Do not tell me you wanted to wake up at this hour?
My baby is tired OPPA-huh, I know well
But a promise is a promise
To help baby to fulfill his promise, Hyung Joon OPPA can not wake -
My baby is really obedient, very obedient, right?
To congratulate your child for waking, Hyung Joon OPPA will give you a kiss.
Kiss, kiss, baby woke up right? Thanks, I love you -

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